Family Life Conference Framework


The recognition & advancement of healthy marriage & family values, beliefs, practices, research, & discourse that initiate, sustain, & strengthen families & marriages across the life course – thus contributing to thriving families & communities.


To provide a forum (onsite/online) that supports & strengthens marriage & family life scholars, practitioners, & participants.


  1. Spiritual: We believe spiritual principles undergird healthy family formation & long-term success
  2. Education: We believe education & enrichment efforts can make significant impacts on family success
  3. Family Structure: We believe honoring parents & families will have an eternal impact on individual development & progress.


To become the venue for healthy, supportive, dynamic, open, & safe discussion, dialogue, research, & learning on marriage & family life.


  1. Provide an international, world-class conference setting for marriage & family scholars, practitioners, theologians, clergy, & interested community members
  2. Provide critically important forums for safe & healthy marriage & family life discussions
  3. Provide graduate & undergraduate conference scholarships
  4. Recognize healthy marriage & family scholarship & practice
  5. Instill principles of spirituality, faith, & values in marriage & family research, practice, & community support.


2021: Family as the Fundamental Unit of Society
2020: Promoting the Power of Intentional Marriages & Families
2018: Integrating LDS Theology in Personal, Family, Business, & Professional Practices
2017: LDS Theological Influences on Professional Work (academic, research, practice, business) & Personal Experiences with Marriages & Families

Founder’s Story

The Foundation for Family Life was created in 2010 by Dr. Joseph White to help promote healthy family life patterns across the generations.  His efforts have included work with families in challenging situations (e.g., addiction, incarceration) as well as promoting positive family interactions and support, even for those that may be doing “fine” at the moment.  He has recently created the Family Life Center that provides counseling, coaching, and mediation for families and couples.  The Family Life Center is also home to Redwood Recovery, an Intensive Outpatient Program for individuals struggling with substance abuse.  

The Family Life Conference was born out of Dr. White’s career in the family sciences & a desire to support continued dialogue with family scholars & practitioners who believe in the profound importance of families & who understand the impact of family life as the fundamental unit of society. If we don’t get “family” right, our societies will ultimately crumble & fail. The Family Life Conference hopes to move the needle forward in promoting healthy family relationships in all family types, forms, structure, & phases of family life!